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B.Sc Optometry


What is B.Sc Optometry?

B.Sc Optom (Optometry) is a professional degree course, during which students undergo 3 years of academic training and One year of internship.

Eligibility for pursuing B.Sc Optometry

12th standard pass with 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

What You Will Learn

Optometrists examine a patient’s eyes for any defects in vision and for any other eye diseases. This B.Sc Optometry course prepares the students to diagnose and treat primary eye diseases and injuries. Apart from this, as a leading B.Sc optometry college in Madurai, they will be able to prescribe glasses, contact lenses, and other devices to enhance vision. Based on the patient’s needs and diagnosis, they can prescribe spectacles and other appropriate therapies. Optometrists, as part of a healthcare team, work with doctors and other medical professionals to coordinate eye and vision care.

Course Curriculum

First Year

  1. General Anatomy, General Physiology.
  2. Ocular Anatomy and Ocular Physiology.
  3. Physical and Geometrical Optics.
  4. Basic Biochemistry & Nutrition.
  5. English.
  6. Computer Science.
  7. Principles of Lighting.

Second Year

  1. Ocular Diseases.
  2. Visual Optics.
  3. Optometric Instruments & Optometric Optics I.
  4. Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology.
  5. Clinical Examination of Visual System.
  6. Clinics.

Third Year

  1. Optometric Optics II and Dispensing Optics.
  2. Orthoptics.
  3. Low Vision Aids and Contact Lens.
  4. Paediatric Optometry and Geriatric Optometry.
  5. Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
  6. Community Optometry, Public Health and Occupational Optometry.
  7. Clinics and Special Clinics.
  8. Project and Paper Presentation.

Fourth Year

One year Internship in reputed hospitals under the guidance.

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B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

Undergraduate degree in Optometry

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